Avery 'Twenty Four', a limited release double IPA

Avery 'Twenty Four', a limited release double IPA

Tomorrow - Friday, July 14th - as San Antonio temperatures climb to a high of 99, we're planning to tap our brand new keg of Avery Brewing Company's 24th Anniversary Ale. It's called simply: "Twenty-Four," and at the time of this writing we are salivating in anticipation because we haven't even tasted it yet!

A little tap-tap-tapping on the interwebs tells us that last year's anniversary beer from Avery was a Brett fermented dark Farmhouse Ale, the year before that was a Brett fermented Wild Ale, and the year before that was an American Brown Ale that clocked in at 8.7% ABV. All of that sounds amazing.

 Well, this year's anniversary beer is a double IPA brewed with candi sugar, and it clocks an ABV of 9%.

We'll spare you the list of hop varietals. Suffice it to say that if it's anywhere near as tasty as, say, the Maharaja, we're going to drink the f--- out of it.

Where does that put our beer board? Unless it pops before tomorrow, we're still serving a keg of Stone Ghost Hammer IPA and the Knee Deep Citra. 

(In other beer news... Once the Stone Ghost Hammer pops, we're planning on putting a keg of a certain Texas favorite IPA we just received delivery on. Can you guess what that might be?)


- SG