Lone Pint - A Texas Craft Beer Favorite

Lone Pint - A Texas Craft Beer Favorite

[San Antonio craft beer lovers! Please note the date in this post! Our beers rotate, and so this post is not a guarantee that we're going to have this beer on draft when you arrive at Barbaro.]

Okay, so... disclaimer aside... we've just tapped Lone Pint Yellow Rose, which is what I like to call the Pliny the Elder of Texas (forgive me, beer nerds who disagree). Yellow Rose is an IPA, and a pretty popular IPA at that.

Lone Pint also makes some other pretty delicious beers. In our cooler we're holding the Gentlemen's Relish on CO2 (our staff's preference over the nitro version, actually), which is an English Brown Ale that will replace the Avery Ellie's Brown when that keg finishes.

We also recently served - and LOVED - the Lone Pint Zythophile Ella, which was an IPA that is a part of Lone Pint's experimental IPA series. The Yellow Rose was actually a beer from this series, back when Mosaic was considered an experimental hop.

So if you're in town and looking for the Lone Pint Yellow Rose, we've got it while supplies last!

- SG